Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lets Get Started!!!!

Wat Up!!!! This is my first post... I'm so excited! Please excuse my spot right now; it is a working progress:)
So the point...
I have crazy FLY taste when it comes to Fashion, Hair & Make-up and can put together whatever look being attempted wit the right materials!!!

I know what works & what don't & if I don't know I will find out!
I can make the cheapest items look Dope!!! TRUST ME! (FYI the shoes are rarely cheap!)
I just want to share my passion with tips, suggestions, quidelines, Do' & Dont's, the works & I want your imput as well!

I think we should start with the basics...
Most of us know that looking FABULOUS is a must at ALLLL TIMES!!!! It makes you feel better about yourself when shit is just not going the way you want it to!
Take the time to do your hair, throw on some accessories (if you're wearing costume jewlery just make sure they haven't turned), put on the most basic make-up essentials, Mascara & Lip Gloss, etc. The smallest efforts can go a long way!


Iris said...

Im so excited Toya!!! Lets Go In!!!!! Proud of you mama

Kai said...

soooo ready! spill all the tea, i know you have it!

Wanda said...

I dig your flare for fashion, it's blazzing.

Karot Cake said...

Thank you so much for your support!!!
Let's talk about it! Imma have soem fun with this!
I'm working on my next topic/project now! KYP!!!
Check in!